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plot bunnies


  • frat house; a frat hooking up with a sorority or even the nerdy chick
  • saw; two people are stuck in a room and are force to ‘play a game’
  • coyote ugly; two girls work at the same bar and become friends or a girl works at a bar and meets a guy there
  • stranded; two…

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I want more 1x1s, but I have too many 1x1s, do you see my problem?

Send a ❃ if you would like to rp with me

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I’m gunna make an Ally Dawson ask/rp blog because idk I haven’t seen one in awhile??? So yea lol

Austin & Ally Season 3 Bloopers

from Auslly Lover on youtube.

Austin and Ally + Bloopers